What is Hypnotherapy*

Hypnotherapists work in two ways:

• Firstly the Hypnotherapist locates the event, which triggered the negative behavior pattern, and changes the individual's perception of that event; thus eliminating it as a problem source. Once this is accomplished, the individual can eliminate the desire for comfort eating, smoking, drug abuse etc. (Once again the list goes on and on)

• Secondly the Hypnotherapist can help the person to project a future vision with positive new goals and can help to realize those with positive compounding affirmations.
There are as many opportunities to use Hypnotherapy as there are unique individuals in this world. Everyone has a unique history and a skilled hypnotherapist will always seek to have a personal consultation with a client to offer the most appropriate help.
Romi will be pleased to offer you the full benefit of Hypnotherapy to allow you to live your life to its full potential. For a confidential discussion of how Hypnotherapy can help you, Contact Romi.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching has become popular recently as a way to find the potential that lies within each person. A life coaching session provides an environment that allows you to ask questions and find motivation to grow into your full potential as a unique individual with strengths unmatched by anyone else. It is an uplifting session that gives you the tools to move forward in a positive, life enhancing way.

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