What is Hypnosis *

Hypnosis is a pleasant, natural state of physical and mental relaxation which is naturally experienced on a daily basis by everyone.

It is a deep state of relaxation similar to the state that you enter into every night just before you fall asleep or in the morning when you awaken. It occurs when you are daydreaming, or driving to work and when you get there you don't remember driving there or even when you get entranced in a television program or engrossed in a book or conversation where you cease to be aware of everything else around you. The power of advertising is largely explained by hypnotic effects.

The conscious mind is the mind which responds to external stimuli and makes logical, cognitive decisions. This is also the weaker mind and one can imagine it as a low pressure zone.

Secondly a subconscious mind that is a non-judgmental, goal orientated mind that simply responds as programmed. This is an extremely strong mind and one can imagine it as a high pressure zone.

While in hypnosis, generally with the aid of a hypnotherapist, you are able to access the stronger subconscious mind and accept positive suggestions which will be absorbed by the subconscious mind if you are mentally in agreement with them.

An example is if you are trying to break the terrible, deadly habit of smoking. You will constantly have to affirm over and over again "I am a non-smoker" for it to build up enough pressure to move from the low pressure conscious mind zone to the high pressure subconscious mind zone. A little like swimming upstream with great difficulty. .

If a hypnotic suggestion is accepted by the sub-conscious mind in state of hypnosis it is an easy process that flows naturally from high to low pressure. And you are cruising down the river flowing with the stream effortlessly.

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Hypnotherapy can help you

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Client Compliments

Thank you very much for your assistance on my life journey I have developed self confidence and I am feeling proud and good about of myself. Listening to your tapes is now part of me as a daily routine and I am growing daily. The way I view life is very different now I am just proud of being me.

By the time I first came to your session I came to you because I had excess weight problem as I was going through the sessions I had realised that the problem I had was not the weight; the problem was that I had never loved and accept my self. At the present moment my emotions are at the level best. I am still going to do more sessions to clear the negative patterns in my consciousness I am now taking responsibility over my life. I thank you once more up until we meet next year.

Regards, Cebisa