Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Solving Problems! *


Perhaps you have tried everything and are still looking to succeed in:

— Giving Up Smoking
— Quitting Destructive Bad Habits
— Overcoming Eating Disorders
— Overcoming Fears That Are Holding You Back
— Overcoming Obsessional Issues
— Anger Management
— Overcoming Sleeping Disorders
— Overcoming Grief
— Building Self Confidence
— Dealing With Stress
— Overcoming Phobias
— Having Successful Relationships
— Overcoming Abusive Childhood or Adult Situations
— Job Performance

Romi will be pleased to offer you the full benefit of Hypnotherapy to allow you to live your life to its full potential. For a confidential discussion of how Hypnotherapy can help you, Contact Romi.

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Hypnotherapy can help you

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Client Compliments

'Hi Romi, You asked me to let you know how the laser eye surgery procedure went which I had done the day following our hypnotherapy session to help me with pre-op anxiety. Happy to say that the operation was a complete success and that the hypnotherapy session most certainly helped me to stay calm and turn the experience into an absolute stress-free exercise. Thank you for your help.

Regards, Jacques

Dear Romi, Thank you. I have become quite engrossed in the hypnotherapy disc and have already completed 2 sessions. I think you are helping me tackle my immediate issues with this and I thank you. I want to continue working with you for a while. Please help me to find a way to not be affected by some of these dear assholes around me that want to bring me down and openly disapprove of me.

Kind Regards, Client