Misconceptions about Hypnosis

Some people are still skeptical about hypnosis due to the negative light in which it has been portrayed in films, sensational newspaper stories, and such like.

Some people think the hypnotherapist will control them (lies, lies, lies we simply guide and your mind will only accept what you are in agreement with), they think they might be made to do ridiculous things (you will only do what is morally acceptable to you), they think it is evil (I personally do not think that my mind is evil, I hope you don't). These fears and misconceptions are completely unfounded. The individual is always in control, and in fact, is more aware of what is happening while in the hypnotic state.

In the UK and the USA Hypnotherapy has taken its rightful place alongside other medical techniques since the 1950s. Please consult the book authored by Dr. George Lewith and published by the British Medical Association, titled "Understanding Complementary Medicine" for an explanation of hypnosis and its usefulness. This book is available at Dischem.

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