Client Compliments *

We often receive unsolicited compliments from our satisfied clients who have benefited from their use of hypnosis. Some of the more poignant ones will be listed here.

Procrastination Compliment

Thank you so much for helping me! I tried to procrastinate this morning… it was cold! But I didn’t… I got up and studied! It’s amazing!! Cant wait for the next session.

Driving Anxiety
Thank you Romi.

I would like to share this with you, I drove immediately when I left your place yesterday, home. Henry and I had a very calm drive home with a long conservation. I also drove from work today.
Much improvement. Will see you next month.

Kind Regards,

Thank you for your help.
I am now 11 days without a cigarette and going strong.
I do feel a little dull and my taste hasn’t quite returned – I suppose I’m still detoxing.
Thank you – I will see you again.
Regards Mary

Stopped smoking 2 years ago with Romi's help.

"Two years ago I had a session with you. And I am happy to tell you that I no longer smoke. Now I would like to book a session, where I need help with Job Performance and help with memory. I find that I loose concentration And often I am forgetful.”
Regards Refilwe

Stopped smoking 9 years ago with Romi's help.
"I went to Romi 9 years ago after smoking for 42 yrs. After one session I have not smoked or wanted to smoke since.I feel very comfortable in his presence and have gone back now for the fear of flying. Watch this space for a new travel log”
Thank you Romi

Completely smoke free for 10 weeks
Nicola and I are thrilled to let you know that we have been completely smoke free for 10 weeks. Nicola smoked for 20 years and I smoked for 14. Our previous attempts at quitting were stressful and unsuccessful. Both Nicola's grandparents quit smoking with the help of hypnotherapy, but it was not something we understood or would have pursued. Our GP recommended that we try hypnotherapy, which prompted us to make an appointment with you. We would like to thank you, sincerely, as neither of us have smoked a cigarette since our hypnotherapy session. The financial and health benefits have been incredible. We are able to breathe freely - something that we were not aware of as smokers. Our skin is brighter, smells are vivid and we are able to exercise for greater periods of time without feeling as though our lungs are on fire. Thank you for your assistance in ridding ourselves of cigarettes; in becoming non-smokers. By far, the best decision that we have made. The short term benefits have been astounding, but more so, this has been a journey that has given us life.
With thanks, Margaux and Nicola

This was the best investment I ever made in time and money.
Hi Romi It's now been a week and two days since my session with you, and I can't thank u enough for what you've done for me. When I left your practice, I was overcome by a feeling of freedom, and couldn't help to SMS you with the expression that I'm Free. And that is the way I still feel. I wanted to chuck my smokes out of the window, but because it's not my habit, I thought of giving it to somebody. I was traveling the rest of the day with those things in my car and not once did I even thought of touching it. That's when I knew I got rid of smoking, a habit I actually hated. I can't believe it was this easy to stop smoking. I haven't touched, looked for, wanted, smell, or anything for a cigarette. I come in touch with smokers, and it doesn't bother me at all. To tell you the truth, I get up 5H00 in the morning instead of 5H45 just to make time to listen to the CD's in the mornings. I don't want to sound cheesy, but I can't wait to listen to them. I start my day calm, relaxed and more focused than ever before. I feel fresh every morning. And as far as getting rid of my fat, I don't have statistics, but I know I'm getting rid of that fat for a fact. THIS WAS THE BEST INVESTMENT I EVER MADE IN TIME AND MONEY. Religiously I could never convince myself that my habits were a sin, so it was a blessing to be able to access the sub and to rid myself of these habits. I mention this, as somebody tried to convince me that prayer could have done the same for me. Once Again I thank you
For ever grateful Jan H

I use to walk around life with my head down and ashamed of myself
I had my first session with you on Saturday and really did not expect too much result so soon. I wouldn't say I was sceptic, maybe more afraid to be disappointed again after 3 years of psychotherapy with not much visible results. I first started noticing the difference by Sunday evening after feeling all day something was missing. My mind was still and peaceful, the ever criticizing little voice in my head was gone. With every thought that crossed my mind I waited for the critical little voice to criticize or blame me in some way, just to find I had no criticism for myself anymore. As the days are passing every day I notice something different about me and my thoughts. For the first time I really believe myself if I say that I was the victim of my childhood abuse and are not to blame for what happened. I use to walk around life with my head down and ashamed of myself, now I can lift my head high and look people in the eye without a thought of shame. I can carry on writing a book about all the subtle changes that makes up an amazing result changing my life so far. I cannot wait for the days to past to discover more and more positive things about myself. A mere thank you does not describe my gratitude for the insight you gave me. So with that it is time for my next appointment on Self Confidence. Please let me know when you can fit me in.
Warm Regards, Corinne R

My mood has been positive and stable all the time
It's been just over two weeks since our session on self-confidence. Since our first session I did not have one down, negative or depressed day. My mood has been positive and stable all the time. People mention they can see me feeling better as I glow with positivity, happiness and confidence. What makes me so happy is just knowing I am in control of my emotions and my past is behind me now, I can face life and reach for my dreams again. For so long my past and my emotions controlled me and I became so insecure that I had withdrawn from the world. Now that I am free I look forward to each day to test my new found confidence and feel proud of what I've achieved so far. Tobie also asked me to give you feedback on his weight loss session. You know (product reference removed by me!) and take away foods has been his weakness and since the session he tried to have (product reference removed by me!) once and it tasted awful to him! He hasn't had one (product reference removed by me!) or take away meal since. He eats his three smaller meals a day and exercises regularly. I can notice the difference in his behavior as I saw his habits changing. He has already lost 4 kg in two weeks! We'll speak again soon.
Regards, Tobie & Corinne R

Emotionally closing up...
Dear Romi, I hope you're very well. I'm doing great & I thought I should send you an update. My 1st email to you a few weeks ago was about me wanting to be emotionally available so I can attract an available partner. Well since we started the sessions I have seen a lot of improvement in my part. I have been able to realize when I'm emotionally closing up using what I call the "old tactics". I have gained so much confidence in myself which has given me independence over situation & other people's actions & realizing that life presents you with both good & bad & it's how you respond to it that is the secret. I find myself choosing more positive thoughts as a result my life feels magical. I find myself crying tears of joy & gratitude at how beautiful my life is right now as it is. I'm way much more relaxed about situations. I analyze less than I used to & very much open to see where the universe takes me & it's exciting. So everyday I am gaining a lot of trust in the higher power, myself & the people that I love. Yesterday I went out on a date & I have not dated in 2years. He is single & available. Before this I was attracting all these unavailable men & now I realize it's because subconsciously I was unavailable too. Most importantly I feel good about dating without putting too much pressure or fret about it. Instead I'm happy to let things go & looking forward to meeting more people & getting to know them until I decide who I want to be. Previously I would have already frustrated myself about whether he's my future husband or not? Does he fit my criteria? But today I'm just glad I met another person. If it works out that's great, if it doesn't I'll learn from the experience & become a better version of myself with the trust & faith that I have someone great coming my way & I'm open & excited to fall in love. I'm in a great space. My financial status is also improved. Some miracles have happened since I started the Abundance hypnotists. It's amazing. I'll give you more details when we meet. I'll set up time for the next 2 weeks but I thought let me updated you.

I'm coping well
Hi it's now a complete week I have not smoked and I'm coping well just to inform you ok.
Kind Regards Tsholofelo Ophidia M

I am glad to report
Hi Romi I am glad to report that Kaitlyn has stopped sucking her tongue but I would like her to have one more session with you...

Quitting smoking
'Hi, Romi Hope you are well. My dad has asked me to get in touch with you to give you feedback on his progress. Below is a note from both my dad and I. A year ago I made an appointment for my dad Moganathan (George) Govindsamy. I have seen my dad try many times to quit smoking (and he tried many different things).When a friend mentioned a colleagues husband successfully quitting after a session with you, I suggested to my dad that I would make an appointment and pay for the session, but only if he was willing. He tried so many things before, what one more, right? And so he mustered up his will power and off we went to your offices. After the session, both dad and I were positive but it was all up to him. All I could do was be there to support him. I must say it looked hard at first, for the first few days, but dad persevered and continued to listen to your CD's morning and night. I kept encouraging him as each day went by saying what an accomplishment he has made getting through another day. My concern was when he went back home to Durban (after his visit to me in JHB), where he was all alone with no support and lots of influences that could make him smoke again. But my dad, as stubborn as he can be, focused and had his mind set on quitting smoking, and did not give in to temptation. It must have been very hard for him to fight the urges and keep his willpower strong. He was a 62 year old pensioner at the time he came to see you and had been smoking since the age of 17. So it definitely was not easy to just quit after all those years. Each day passed, and I was so happy for my dad, because he was making a change in the right direction. He wanted to be healthier and live longer so he can spend more time with his loved ones. Also he wanted to make a life changing decision for himself. Today, I smile while writing this note to you, because I know he has overcome a big hurdle. My mum had she been alive today would be so happy and proud. I know I am. I am overcome with proudness when family members say they are so happy that dad quit or they can't believe it. I write this to you as a very proud daughter of a man who I love and Amazing Dad. I hope I have as strong a willpower and commitment as my dad to accomplish what I want. It's a year and my dad can happily say he has survived a whole year without smoking. A BIG THANK YOU, Romi for your part in helping my dad quit smoking. Without your help and advice, that first step would never have been taken. It's amazing what a little help and faith can accomplish. Many thanks and all the best for the festive season.

Regards Krishnee (Hazel) Govindsamy

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Client Compliments

Hi Romi, just wanted to thank you for your help - a week and a half and not one puff!

Justin S

Thanks Romi. Am doing well and amazed how easily I now slip into the subconscious. Will give you updates as I progress. Have a fantastic Xmas.

Dr. Maemetse B

'Hi Romi, You asked me to let you know how the laser eye surgery procedure went which I had done the day following our hypnotherapy session to help me with pre-op anxiety. Happy to say that the operation was a complete success and that the hypnotherapy session most certainly helped me to stay calm and turn the experience into an absolute stress-free exercise. Thank you for your help.

Regards, Jacques

I'm not sure if you remember me, I came to see you for help to quit smoking in November 2016. I'm glad to report it was the best R700 I have spent as I have been smoke free ever since.
Having been a smoker for about 15 yrs, and towards the end smoking about a 20 a day, I was skeptical that a 1 hour session was going to change that but it did. For 2 weeks thereafter, I obviously had withdrawals but have not craved a cigarette since that day.
Thank you for helping overcome that habit, it's a wonderful feeling to be free of it.

Regards Marion

'I would like to tell you more about my expierence when I went to visit Romi for hyprotherapy,my marriege was on a down fall,we tried different things to make things right but there is always a rock in the way,so I googled and came a cross hyprotherapy, I phoned Romi and made a appointment,we went to our appointment and like any body else thinking could this work,I was so tense and full of fear because of the unknown,after my first session I felt great,now we know were the problem is and Romi helped us achieve our goals,I would deffently recommend hyprotherapy to anybody in need of help. And would like to thank Romi Vidmar for helping me be the person I want to be and the wife my husband fell in love with 22 years ago.

Many Thanks Hanelie

Thanks a lot for the affirmations I will definitely continue using them. I am so amazed at the impact of our session on Monday. I feel so centred and in control like I have not been in a long time and what's more I feel emotionally stable. Yesterday, I woke up with joy and maintained it throughout the day. I was wondering whether this would last but I then realised that it was not a euphoric type of feeling but just a state of being so I would like to build on it. I am sure I will be coming back for another sit down as discussed.

Best Regards VT

Dear Romi, Thank you. I have become quite engrossed in the hypnotherapy disc and have already completed 2 sessions. I think you are helping me tackle my immediate issues with this and I thank you. I want to continue working with you for a while. Please help me to find a way to not be affected by some of these dear assholes around me that want to bring me down and openly disapprove of me.

Kind Regards, Client